How I became a “B.O.S.S.”            BOSS 


Kenisha Royster, M.S.W. has always had a passion for helping people overcome hardships and obstacles in life from a very young age.  After graduating from a Pre-Law Magnet high school in her home town of Fort Lauderdale, FL. and obtaining her Bachelors degree in Legal Studies then completing her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Central Florida in 2007; she honed in on confronting a lot of issues that plagued the community as a whole which allowed her to see the need for her clinical expertise in the field.

From working as a mental health therapist in the field since 2005: children & families – at risk youth, couples & individual counseling, homeless shelters, psychiatric facility (diagnosing & providing clinical services), sexual trauma victims, prison system to rehabilitate ex-offenders, and substance abuse – Kenisha’s diverse clinical background has equipped her to serve the community at large.

Kenisha was able to develop and grow from overcoming heartache after transitioning out of painful breakups, disappointments from emotional hardships due to past failures, and embracing self discovery as she became older dealing with life’s challenges.  After Kenisha not only became a Brave Overcomer Surviving her own Storm, she learned how personal life experiences can have a long term affect on your mental and emotional well being (if not properly dealt with) coupled with her clinical experiences in helping others for over 10 years.

Kenisha decided to take action and develop B.O.S.S. Lifestyle to encourage others to  use a holistic approach (mind, body, & soul) that she has personally and professionally seen to be most effective.  Getting to the Heart of the Matter for a “Better You” & realizing that everyone is a B.O.S.S. if they are willing to invest the time and obtain the proper support to become a B.O.S.S. (Brave Overcomer’s Surviving the Storm).