How to became a “B.O.S.S.”
A Holistic Approach

Overcoming Hardships is a process, Kenisha will specifically and thoroughly examine the needs of her clients and apply sound clinical tools/assessments/techniques to allow her clients to mentally and emotionally heal from barriers that are blocking their growth to heal.  This aspect of service is important, in order to know what one needs to do to improve their current state of mind; you must be willing to confront those issues openly, honestly, and whole-heartedly.  This is where you “Do the Work” and acknowledge how you became “broken” and why.


Kenisha understands after studying healthy habits (of thriving successful individuals) that in order to establish a sound physical stance one should decrease symptoms that are affecting them mentally and physically such as: depression (ex: dealth, loss, or traumatic life event), anxiety, sadness, and fatigue (to name a few) to assist in centering a more balanced lifestyle physically.  Addressing barriers will help promote wellness all around, Kenisha and her team will provide a wellness program to demonstrate how to apply these concepts daily at a state of the art spa/facility – for clients that are able to receive this exclusive service.


Healing of the soul is a journey and being spiritually grounded is vital to learning how to focus on finding purpose in life to grow from past obstacles.  Kenisha will explore the important tools and coach clients through a learning process on how to maintain these effective tools when faced with difficult life challenges in the future.  Kenisha understands that life will present new challenges daily, but learning how to manage life’s issues is what helps clients remain successful in staying focused on their purpose – to live a holistic life as a B.O.S.S.